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Switch Decor Selling Limited edition Canvases by artist August Melvina

You may be looking for best wallpaper for your bedroom? There are so many options to use wallpaper in your bedroom. Matching walls and staid prints are no more; the modern wallpaper designs have a lot to make you happy.

Switch Decor is Wallpaper Company can offer you modern wallpapers which are not only stylish, they are reusable and able to be switched out as often as you need.

Reusable wallpaper can be put up by just single person. No more sponges, glue, and multiple people teams. No more living with the look for the rest of your life.

Located in London, Switch Decor founded in 2016, they have spent the last two years developing their state of the art adhesive that allows customers to literally ‘change your wallpaper as often as you change your mind‘.

Switch decor are due to launch early 2019 but will be selling Limited edition Canvases by artist August Melvina in November of this year.

This comes after their Director, Danni Barrow stated;

‘I am really liking the UK art scene right now, I think it is so important to work with up and coming artists, there are so many really talented people who I have my eye on working with in the near future for sure.’

Switch decor carefully organize a stylish collection and sells direct to the consumer, so there’s no middleman showroom taking a cut of the artists’ profits. Visit:

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