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Rakshi New & Stunning Summer Lawn Collection By Rujhan Fabric 2013


Rujhan cloth has recently launched RAKSHI Beatiful Summer field Dress collection 2013 for girls. Rujhan cloth may be a new fashion label that was established in 2010 Rujhan materials have served its shoppers to provide the foremost effective quality garments that embody altogether different styles and designs. Rujhan offers an oversized vary of dresses. Rujhan have regenerated the forms of beauty and excellence of typical embroidering into distinctive Rujhan fashion materials.

Rujhan materials have lots of wide range, fantastic product, decorated matches and wise sensible of matches. the choice contains 3 item and 2-piece garden matches. All of the matches in Rujhan field Rakshi catalog 2013 for girls are seamed. The seamed ones have embroidering on the neck-line or front of the covering or have seamed parts seamed on the crack. Most of the styles square measure accessible in many shade blends together. This selection contains long crack, shirts, churidar pajama & Pants with altogether different styles. currently let’s see the pictures of RAKSHI Summer field collection 2013 By Rujhan Fabric…

For additional data Phone: (021) 35143572
Email: info@rujhanfabrics.com, mkessani@yahoo.com
Website: ww.rujhanfabrics.com

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