Pakistani Cricket Star Wasim Akram Proposed Shaniera Thompson In Australia


Pakistani star wasim akram is currently 47 years previous. Akram initial mate Huma died in 2009 and afterward his friendly relationship news with Indian film industry hot role player shushmita seen were breaking news of most channels. everyone has set that wasim will be merry with shushmita seen however a dramatic modification has in this he set to merry with Australian national 30 years of previous lady named Shaniera Thompson.

When he planned her she afraid and conjointly become very happy. She aforesaid that whereas wasim proposing Pine Tree State he he was nervous as a conventional manner. Akram said i’m terribly happy to fall enamored. each met in Australia in 2011. She embraced islam and that they haven’t d set their wedding date. Wasim is currently in forty seven years and that can his second wedding. Congratulation to Wasim Akram be happy.

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