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Naqsh by Nishat Linen Latest & Stylish Eid Collection 2013 For Men’s Party Wear


From an enormous summer Eid assortments Naqsh By Nishat Linen Latest Men Eid shirt Collection 2013 is best for this festical. This come back as no storm that Nishat Linen may be a business concern of Nishat Mills, the textile and residential fashion distributor that has specified the business with acute care paid to quality, style and affordability. Nishat Linen superbias itself on being the complete of preference for characteristic customers who area unit in search of things, unparalleled and stylish while not versatile on aesthetics or price.
Unexceeded client service, admitting custom-made  orders, ensures our clientele dead body loyal to the Nishat family. Nishat Linen has been a locality of the textile business of Islamic Republic of Pakistan for many years presently. Nishat Textile Mills is one of Pakistan’s premier fashion complete, this complete has been around for quite four decades now and thru this point quantity they need been providing women, men and young children with the only and nevertheless really budgeted catalogs of modern outfits.

It offers materials for ladies, men and kids nonetheless as home accessories. Nishat Linen has recently launched their pretty field prints for approaching Eid competition of 2013. latest pret line casual and party dresses shirt collection 2013 there’s terribly and kids but trendy Men kurta‘s and pret wear vogue with trousers is enclosed. Nishat Linen may be a celebrated name within the world of Fashion and recently he launched the Naqsh men’s shirt Eid assortment for the coming summer and Winter season, Latest collection of Nishat Naqsh Men shirt and salwar tunic designs for Boys.

Int this latest Eid 2013 collection, you’ll notice total embellished shirt pants for the occasion of approaching Eid-Ul-Fitr. Eid is our spiritual event that’s returning in no time and prepared to knock at our door step. currently see the images of Naqsh By Nishat Linen Latest Men Eid shirt collection 2013.

Naqsh by Nishat Linen Eid collection 2013now offered in stores across Islamic Republic of Pakistan and UAE. For additional details & costs please visit our on-line store: WWW.nishatlinen.com/online/

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