This Is Why Men Exaggerate And Women Think They Are Lying

Truth about men who lies

Men Exaggerate

As a woman you must try to realize that all the lies told by your partner, are not spoken with the real intention to hurt you. You should accept the fact that he does it to see you happy. Try to forgive his small lies, rather than distress your brains over why he did so. Once you understand this, you can easily digest the casual lies.

Usually, there are reasons behind the men who lie (mænd der lyver) to their partners. Men exaggerate to not hurt their partners. Let’s understand this myth through the following example of telephonic conversation between both;

Woman: Can we talk right now?
Man: I’m little busy at the moment.

Woman asked again: When will you get time to talk?
Man replied: If I am from here, I will call back to you!

Now, this one is not always lie. Although, if he doesn’t ring you back after 3 days, that means he is playing the 3-day charm on you, to get you craving for his call. You may ask, “Why did he say to call back after getting time?”

Well, the answer to that is, commonly most men ends the conversation in that way; furthermore, he likely didn’t want to hurt your feelings or seem ill-mannered; Thus, he gave a safe and sound reply in the men’s vocabulary. So, be cheerful. If you still like him, take the step and call him.

It is common that women believe so hard on something that is just too “easy” to be true. Poor men, where do they go at such a scenario? If they speak the truth, they will be repeatedly questioned. So, they create more composite lie, and the women turn to believe on it!

Some men speak half-truth. Yes it’s true that generally a man is not exactly lying, but he is not entirely honest either. Men who lies (mænd der lyver) say the tolerable part of the truth and very easily “forget” about the unsuitable part of it; like he can tell you that he took a friend out for shopping, but he may just exclude the part where his “friend” is actually his ex-girlfriend. Let’s admit it; if you are his life partner.

It is generally easier to say a simple reply, as compared to answering the truth. Often, in speaking the truth, conflict happened. So in that case, lying appears to be a safer option.

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