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Latest Fashion Hijab and Abaya Designs Collection 2013 for Muslim Women


SETRMS within the national and international arena, target cluster to continue its strategy of being the primary selection of girl masters.Understanding of the quality and 100% client satisfaction doesn’t modification from yesterday to nowadays, distinctive designs, prime quality and exclusive collections of fabrics Setrms, continuously created ​​it different. Turkey ‘s largest cloth factories.. , and specifically by desegregation models dokutulan Setrms distinctive materials each season with a variety of nearly 500 totally different models SETRMS, has created the most prestigious complete in its field in Turkey . Today, Turkey Sterns product offered to quite 250 brands in its field at the height of every woman affected. in addition, quite fifteen Setrms that contribute to the country’s economy with exports of the country has become associate degree enterprise. this is often a number of the countries of germany, France, netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Iran, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, uzbekistan and Azerbaijan…STEEL Mehmet, who is that the founding father of Setr attire Industrial Trade Ld., began to his career in 1964 as a tailor. Mr. Mehmet United Nations agency has had expertise Tailors close to the popular place in ankara opened his initial business as a fourteen – money supply tailor search in Konya Street in the nation within the tenth year of his career . The Principles of over determined in 1974 Sterns to be mentioned we’ve got enabled the trademark with the ideas of ’100 the buyer satisfaction, quality and reliability nowadays. STEEL with pride bestowed the lads in suits factory-made from the foremost qualified materials and materials that time he conjointly worked upon to outstanding orders for patrons then customers several in style and protocol between the years of 1983 and 1996 .

STEEL started in 1987 and opened a workshop to attire manufacturing in 1991 so as to satisfy the stress of Demetevler in stores. The workshop fail to satisfy over time and replaced with a replacement 1250- money supply facility in Sites and a five hundred – m2 saleroom was opened in Kızılay, Ankara, with the aim of giving higher service to wholesale customers. Following the Increasing production, wholesale dealerships are given to be started everywhere the places of Turkey. today Setrms includes a manufactory established in a 4800 – money supply closed space in Balgat, national capital and has all 300 personnel used. additionally, it’s been operating along with quite 15 workshops in many cities of Turkey that manufacture for Setrms by means that of the incentives given by the company.

Understanding of quality not ever-changing from past to today and 100% client satisfaction, original styles, collections consisting of qualified and special fabrics created ​​Setrms continuously different. materials have weaved cloth in private within the biggest factories of Turkey have integrated with the first models Setrms and as a results of a variety of almost five hundred totally different models of every session , Setrms trademark has become the most prestigious within the field of attire in Turkey . nowadays the product of Setrms bestowed to the feminine customers in additional than 250 stores in Turkey place the trademark over the highest in its own field of work. additionally, as a Consequence of export to become an institution has quite fifteen countries creating Setrms Contribution to the economy of the country. a number of These countries square measure European nation, France , The Netherlands , Belgium , Canada , Iran , Jordan , Syria , Lebanon, Egypt , Uzbekistan , and Azerbaijani Republic .Setrms always mentions concerning its success owing to its quality, original style, client satisfaction and continuous innovation. SETRMS presents its stores from that are ready for his or her background decoration to training with each wholesale product getting and also its own trademark to its client at intervals the country and abroad together with the franchise / business organisation system structure . Please contact with North American country so as to develop and improve Setrms trademark along.Head workplace and saleroom Address: Ahl district, 6.sokak, No: thirty five Balgat / national capital / TURKEYTel: +90312 47233 00Istanbul Showroom: Haliaeetus leucocephalus Sok. No: 67 Osmanbey / Constantinople
Tel: +90 212 2336165Online Sales: www.e- setrms.comLets see here the images of a number of the gathering…

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