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Flairs Exclusive Latest Luxury Digital Prints 2013 For Girls


Flairs Pret wear with a pinch of Art By famed designer Naureen Fayyaz . Flairs by Naureen Fayyaz has launched this collection for the season of summer 2013. The brand FLAIRS is also a beautiful mélange of elaborate patterncreating Byzantine detailing and flush, spirited hues moulded from classic embroideries and delightfully ethnic flaires and cuts with their hint of romantic whimsy and ethnic attract together with the foremost careful Prints. Here is Exclusive Eid collection of “Luxury digital Prints ” by Flairs.

This assortment has consists of digital written dresses, that area unit glorious for parties, formal wear and friends get on. Medium-length and long shirts with palazzo pants, trousers and tights area unit boxed in during this new solstice collection. Such outfits area unit in fashion these days then, we have a tendency to predict that lots of women will appreciate Flairs new latest complete middle summer assortment 2013 by Naureen Fayyaz. See below the Photograph of the image shoot of Flairs new mid summers Eid collection 2013 area unit connected. Flairs digital prints 2013 by Naureen Fayyaz. ..
For additional info decision at: +92-314-2225050 email at : flairs222@hotmail.com

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